In every home, the kitchen and bath hold a special place. They’re not just functional spaces; they’re where memories are forged, where days begin and end. At Jill Rae Designs, we understand this intrinsic value. With a blend of artistry and expertise, we’ve been reimagining these spaces in Connecticut and New York, turning them into sanctuaries of comfort and elegance.

Why Renovate with Jill Rae Designs?

Your kitchen and bath should be a reflection of you – a blend of aesthetics and utility. With Jill Rae Designs at the helm:

Collaborative Approach: We don’t just design; we collaborate. Teaming up with renowned local architects and builders, we ensure your vision is realized to perfection.

Streamlined Process: The world of kitchen and bath design is vast. We’re your compass, guiding you through choices, ensuring every decision is informed and confident.

Tailored Solutions: Bespoke designs for unique individuals. Whether it’s a kitchen that caters to gourmet cooking or a bath that’s a spa retreat, we craft spaces tailored to your heartbeat.

Our Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Work

Our Expertise

Design & Layout: Spaces that breathe. Our designs optimize flow, ensuring every inch is utilized, every corner shines.

Material Selection: The beauty is in the details. From the sheen of a countertop to the hue of cabinetry, we handpick materials that elevate aesthetics and promise longevity.

Eco-Friendly Choices: Design with a conscience. Our commitment to green design means you get spaces that are as kind to the environment as they are to the eyes.

Installation & Finishing: The final brushstroke, the last tile. Our meticulous installation ensures your space is a seamless blend of design and functionality.

Sustainability in Design

The canvas of our designs is nature. With a forward-thinking approach, we’re championing the cause of sustainable design. Our designs not only resonate with contemporary aesthetics but also with eco-consciousness. From countertops crafted from recycled materials to tiles that tread lightly on the earth, every choice is a nod to sustainability.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in Connecticut & New York

When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling in CT, Jill Rae Designs is the expert team you need to create a stunning and beautiful space. We understand the importance of functionality in kitchen and bath design, and our expert designers will work with you to choose the perfect layout and materials that fit your needs.

We are also committed to sustainability and believe that eco-friendly design is the way of the future. Our team sources only high-quality, sustainable materials to create stunning and eco-friendly designs. From eco-friendly tiles to countertops made from recycled materials, we can help you choose products that are both stylish and sustainable. With our help, you can have a functional and beautiful kitchen or bath that is also kind to the environment. Contact us today to get started on your next renovation project!