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Jill Rae Designs

Jill Rae Designs, LLC is a full-service, luxury Home Build, Renovation, and Home Staging company. Located in Ridgefield Connecticut, we service all areas of Fairfield County and the surrounding area. 

Jill Rae, along with her team Kim Harper and Mariah Murphy, are passionate about creating spectacular spaces for your Home, Office or Outdoor Living! We will transform your space by ensuring every design results in a unique, bright and beautiful place. From full home builds to sprucing up your family room, we keep our client’s lifestyle top of mind. 

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Jill Rae

Jill Rae is the owner and Principal Designer behind the business’ creative designs. Jill is a graduate of The Decorating and Staging Academy and is also a Certified Seasonal Decorator. She is a successful entrepreneur who carries a background in special arts and has always had a passion for creativity. Her keen eye for detail and a relentless drive to produce something new means every project is aesthetically unique, while also increasing the functionality of the room for her clients.
Kim Harper

Kim Harper

Kim Harper joined Jill after working in the industry under Toran Harper Interiors LLC, servicing Fairfield County for over 7 years. Kim’s passion and experience are backed by her studies in Interior Design and Architecture as well as her involvement with her family’s interior design business based in Atlanta.

Maria Murphy

Mariah Murphy

Mariah Murphy recently joined the Jill Rae Design team as a Jr. Designer. She has a background in Art, Fashion, and Design. Prior to joining the team, Mariah designed part-time in her own interior design consulting business while raising her four children. Mariah loves working with clients to help them meet their personal design objectives.