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DIY Spring Wreath

by | Apr 1, 2020

We are heading into our fourth week of isolation! Being cooped up in our homes has not been easy, nice at times…but a bit hard. Having everyone home and safe does strike some cords in my heart however!

It is Spring and the sun is shinning…for the most part anyway! Just because our favorite home decor stores are closed, doesn’t mean we can’t decorate for the upcoming holiday or bring joy and color to our spaces. Lets think outside the box and work with what is around us! I have always said, bringing the outdoors in adds color, texture and a sense of fresh joy.

This wreathe is easy (inspired by Martha Steward herself), and can be made with several different type of branches. In most of our yards you will find something that is starting to bloom. If you are up in the New England area, cherry trees and forsythia are in full bloom! Both amazing for this project. Oh…and did I mention this is free! No need to run out and buy any materials!

Head out for a walk…don’t forget your clippers! When you head out, look around for bright colors! For this workshop, you will need:

  • blooming branches, around 8 of them
  • scissors or clippers
  • a metal hanger, best from a dry cleaners
  • wire, if you want to add extra security

Step 1:

Gather clippings. Here I have a mix of forsythia, cherry blossom, crab apple and something else I thought was pretty, not sure of the name!

Gather at least 8 branches. depends also on how full each branch is. The fuller the better, then less branches are required.

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Step 2:

Take your metal hanger and bend it into a circle, similar to the picture. A hanger that is from the dry cleaners is thinner than others and easy to bend.

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Step 3:

Start twisting the branches around the hanger. Twisting fresh branches should be fairly easy, they should be quite bendable without breaking. If you feel you need wire for extra security, wrap the wire around each branch. Continue wrapping until you have reach the desired fullness!

EASY!! You can capture different looks depending on the materials you have collected! Hope this was a fun and easy way to brighten up your front door! Feel free to add comments or share your creations with me!

Take care, and stay safe!!


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